Project Intruduction
cex-trade always trying to keep transparency and loyalty to the new and real projects which needs support and enhancement. So cex-trade Team developed Voting System to involve new projects based on our Customer's request, which will have active and sufficient community, investors and strong Eco Systems. Projects with big community have higher chances to be listed at cex-trade Exchange for free of charge with 1 trading pair.

1. To participate in voting user should have CEXD ( 1 CEXD = 1 Vote )
2. Every user can vote 1 time for free with 10 Votes for any project
3. Users can buy CEXD from trade page and use that for voting
4. Minimum amount for voting is 10
5. Voting for current project will be active for only 10 days
6. Projects can participate in Voting only once
7. The Project need minimum passing score 50000 votes to be eligible for competition
8. Based on votes only 3 most voted projects will be listed at cex-trade Exchange
9. In case of not meeting the minimum passing score by any project the most voted project will be listed at cex-trade
10. If project doesn't meet the goal, but has 75% or more votes at announced 10 days we will add extra 5 days
11. Voting results will be announced on our official social pages at the last day of each month
12. Voted CEXD's are not refundable even if the project is listed
13. Users who will try to cheat by registering many accounts to get more free votes will be banned and no refund of assets will be performed.
14. Winner projects participants will be rewarded with CEXD tokens
15. Rewards from total votes will be 1st place - 5%, 2nd place 2.5% and 3rd place 1%

       Example: If Project gets 50000 votes than 1-st place - 2500 CEXD, 2-nd place - 1250, 3-rd place - 500 CEXD

16. Participants will receive their rewards after 3 days from announcment

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