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Dalmata ( DC )

Project basic information

Issue Time:2022-07-15

Total Supply:244,974

Circulation : 218,911

White paper: Dalmata Coin | Powerful Rewards Ecosystem


Block Explorer:

Project Introduction

Dalmata ( DC ) – With advances in technology and digital resources, the globalized world is undergoing continuous transformations, which has given rise to the acceleration of transactions in the most diverse stages of production, profit, competition and a constant evolution of digital assets in the financial market, which can be used in different ways, such as as a store of value, investment or transactional means.

The proposal of the DALMATA COIN project is to become the new “meme” currency of the Cryptocurrency market and offer the opportunity to anyone to be part of an innovative technological development structure, uniting the real and virtual worlds taking advantage of digital technology in the market We also understand that the gaming environment is a fun way to take advantage of this seismic shift, where players can generate “active or passive” income having a source of reward for their fun while doing what they love most, playing.

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